Ordering RiyazStudio from materialworlds
Purchase initial two computer licence keycode with:
Standard registration Tanpura advanced registration
If you're new to RiyazStudio and want it only for the
drone and tanpura (not for the tabla) then you need
purchase only a 'Tanpura advanced' registration.


Bansuri practice examples with tanpura 'user settings'

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credit and debit cards accepted
30-day money back guarantee

If you already own a RiyazStudio Registration keycode
Paste-in your keycode below and click "Proceed" to purchase an upgrade - adding Tanpura advanced Registration:
Our new tanpura is for the most part a free upgrade for existing users. However, to load Tanpura 'user settings' you'll require a higher level of registration - 'Tanpura advanced' - the upgrade you're purchasing here.

If you use RiyazStudio only for the drone and tanpura (not for the tabla) please email us a request to convert your existing registration code for free.

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