Solar links
Don't forget to click on the "" links for the notes that accompany each of this site's solar simulations - and for variations of some of the simulations.

Nine planets - Bill Arnett's overview of our Solar System.

Bad Astronomy - Phil Plait sinks his teeth into our most popular misconceptions.
The formation of the Solar System - an astonomer responds to a creationist.
The Scriptural Basis for a Geocentric Cosmology

NASA/JPL/Caltech Solar System Simulator - create a color image of your favorite planet or satellite
Solar System Live, the interactive Orrery of the Web - where are the planets today?
The Solar System Data Page - The American Association of Amateur Astronomers introduction.
Planetscapes solar system - introduction
JPL solar system dynamics
Solar System collisions
PSI's planet building computer model

Geocentric / Heliocentric links

Comet links

Java applets:
Zoom, rotate and tilt java Solar system
Java gravity solar simulations + links including N-Body 3D Orbital Simulation and Arachnoid gravitation simulations
Arachnoid: Why is the sky dark at night?

Scale models:
Make a scale model of the Solar System - enter the diameter of your model Sun, and have the size and distances to the model planets calculated for you. Example Solar scale model. Other scale model links

seasons and day length lab - by Andrew Marcus, Department of Earth Sciences - Montana State University